Key Art

Netflix Product Art (2017 - 2019)

Netflix Product art is optimized for 24 titles per show. That is 24 unique pieces of art, per Netflix original. The art is then catered via an algorithm to audiences to find out what visuals would be most enticing to them. I was one of the artists who helped to build out these suites (at Insync Plus, & WC+A). This process also involved adapting theatrical key art builds to multiple platform sizes for Netflix. However, all of the work you see here are originals. My favorite part of working on these pieces was being resourceful with unit photography, stock, and illustration to create entirely new images that told a story. For example, The first Sabrina image is three different shots of the lead actress combined into one (with a perspective-warped set photo color treated as a backdrop). The Larva Island piece has a boat created completely from stock images of leaves that were photo manipulated to read like an animated in-show creation. I enjoy this kind of laborious manipulation of imagery. It gives me great joy.